Routine teeth cleanings are critical for prevention of serious dental problems and benefit general health. Plus, it’s simply good hygiene. Our aim is to keep you informed and comfortable, whether that’s thoroughly reviewing your x-rays with you, giving tips on how to improve gum health, or involving you in the options that are available for improving your dental wellbeing.


Whether you grind your teeth in your sleep or participate in high-impact sports, we can help equip you with a night to better protect your teeth and joints. Mouth guards for athletes can even help prevent against concussions. Constant grinding at night can lead to tooth breakage, leading to more serious issues. Guards are custom to fit your teeth and will help protect your smile.


The sound of oral cancer can be alarming, but one of the best ways to protect yourself is with early detection. We’ll assess your mouth for any of the common symptoms and make a recommendation if further examination is required. We’ll also provide you with advice for reducing your chances of experiencing oral cancer.


Airway dentistry is a new practice that focuses on how the structure of your mouth impacts your breathing. Breathing issues can take the form of sleep-disordered breathing or sleep apnea which have the potential to lead to long-term complications. We’ll evaluate your symptoms and mouth to propose a plan of action for improvement.


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I’ve been going to Lakeside Dental Center for many years and have never had a single bad experience! Everyone is professional, friendly and the office is meticulously clean. Don’t let COVID-19 keep you from your important dental health routine. Dr. Tabaraie has gone above and beyond the appropriate measures to ensure your health and safety, as well as that of her staff, as I have witnessed first-hand. So why not pause your social distancing, even temporarily, by taking care of your teeth and getting that check-up you keep putting off!