We are predominantly a metal-free practice. Dr. Tabarie uses tooth-colored fillings for a beautiful appearance, even if she’s the only one that will see it.


Crowns are used to cover an entire tooth when the condition is too damaged for a traditional filling. Crowns can reduce pain, improve appearance, and help strengthen your tooth.


There are many reasons why patients may have lost a tooth. Implants are an option to replace that missing tooth and provide structure for the surrounding teeth to prevent further damage.


Bridges may be an option for you if you’ve lost a tooth but are unable to get an implant. They solve similar problems to implants, but may be a better fit based on your specific needs.


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“When I first started seeing Dr. Tabaraie roughly 10 years ago I was terrified of dentists and required a lot of hand-holding, understanding, and nitrous oxide. Not only does she do incredible work (I’ve never had any issue with any of the fillings or crowns I’ve needed), but she was patient with a dash of tough love (sometimes you just need to get your ass in the chair). Now all these years later I feel so comfortable going to the dentist and even though I moved across the country she’s still my dentist and I see her whenever I’m in town to visit my family.”